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Fall puts me more in the mind of cooking than camping, but while I have some applesauce bubbling on the stove, let me take a little time to talk about storing your camping gear over the winter.  Unless you do cold weather camping, all of your gear is going to be just sitting around for a while.  A little work now will make you a happier camper come warm weather again.

Tent — Make sure your tent is completely dry before putting it away for the winter (unless you happen to like the smell of mildew).  If you aren’t certain that your tent is dry, find a sheltered space like a garage, or your living room if you can work around it, and set your tent up there for a couple of days.  Your nose will thank you come spring.

Sleeping Bags — As with your tent, make sure your bags are completely dry.  Store them outside of their stuff sacks, suspended from a hanger, so they keep their pile (fluffiness) and therefor their insulating properties.

Sleeping Pads — Same deal as with sleeping bags: dry and unrolled.  Keep the air vent open so any latent moisture can get out.

Cooking Supplies — If you’re like me and keep a box of dishes and cooking implements specifically for camping, make sure you go through and clean every thing and take out any edibles that may have made their way into the mix.  There are few things worse than reaching into a box for a measuring cup and pulling out a moldy orange.

Clothing — Wash out all that old campfire smoke to make way for next year’s.  Watch out for crickets!

Have a happy fall, everyone.  Get out there and do something fun!


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