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This last weekend I needed some me time, so I hopped in my car and drove to the Olympics, and as often happens, my tires led me to Lake Crescent.  No grueling climbs up cliff-sides for me this time, just a quiet stroll around the Barnes Creek peninsula and to Marymere falls.

I parked at Lake Crescent Lodge, which brought back fond and not-so-fond memories of the summer I spent working in housekeeping there.  Being already intimately familiar with the lodge grounds, which look to not have changed in the last eight years (Eight years?! Am I getting old already?) I set off immediately down the Moments in Time Trail, a nature path that winds through secondary forest that nevertheless has some very large trees, around a meadow that is all that’s left of a vanished homestead, and past a small science camp, which used to be called Olympic Park Institute, but which the new sign by its entrance tells me is now named Nature Bridge. The trail is pleasant and easy, and comes out at a gravelly beach that affords the panoramic view of the lake you can see above.

There are multiple spurs leading to and from the Moments in Time loop; I left the circle via the trail that passes the Storm King Ranger Station, and followed it past the old log building, under the highway, and all the way to Marymere falls, roughly 3/4 of a mile away.

The first section of the trail is wide and level. Shortly after it passes the beginning of the Storm King trail, it climbs ever so slightly, then crosses Barnes Creek and it’s tributary on two bridges.

From here, the trail climbs briefly but steeply up an incline and steps to reach Marymere Falls.



More stairs lead from here to an upper viewing area.

After visiting the falls it was back to the lodge for me, where I sat in the sunroom to watch the drizzling rain that was now falling into the lake and gave advice about the park to a nice group visiting from Seattle. My dawdling walk gave me three hours of forest time, just what I needed for my Saturday getaway.


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