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After a long foray into the land of Photoshop, with a stop at the island nation of Learning-a-ton-more-about-Photoshop, I have emerged victorious with a map of the Staircase Campground!  (Click on it to see a larger version.)

Staircase Campground sits on the inside of a bend in the North Fork of the Skokomish River.  It used to have 56 sites, but that number is down to 50 because the southern waterfront sites were washed out by the river.  These washout sites are listed in parentheses on the map.  Site 14 has a semi-circle of benches set up in what’s left of it.  The remaining waterfront sites are 1-7 (except for 3) and they are the most spacious sites in the campground.  If you don’t mind sleeping next to loud, rushing water, try to grab one of these.  You’ll have room to spread out and a nice view of the river.

I’m always a sucker for walk-in sites at campgrounds.  They give you just the tiniest taste of hike-in camping (alright, it’s more like a smell than a taste.)  I enjoy the larger, wilder nature of walk-in sites, as well as the guarantee that I won’t have an RV for a neighbor.  Staircase’s 5 walk-in sites are all well set up with fire pit and bear-box, but the ones towards the back give a little more cover, and are near the river to boot.  #24 is my choice for the best walk-in site.

If you’re camping with a larger group than will fit in a single site, there are a couple of good options for you.  44 and 45 are close together, and when I visited the campground there was a large family using them as basically one site.  10 and 11 share the same parking strip, and if you combine them with 46 and 48 behind them, you have a very spacious, relatively open area to share.  If you have younger kids with good imaginations, I would suggest snagging site 51, which has a large hollow cedar stump in it, perfect for a castle or fortress.

I would not recommend sites 32-41.  These are up-hill from the rest of the campground, next to the road.  While they are sheltered among denser trees, these sites are quite small and not very flat.  They also have to longest walks to the bathrooms, which are both located on the lower level.  42 and 43, while on the upper level, are much larger and flatter than their neighbors.

Now for some miscellaneous details:

Site 46 is a designated handicap spot: very flat, next to the bathrooms, and with a larger tent pad.

Camping fee is $12.  Checkout is at 11:00.  Collecting firewood is prohibited in the area.  Standard campground quiet hours are 10:00-6:00.

The nearest RV dump station is down the road at Lake Cushman and there is a $5 fee.

And finally, the Lavon award for best campsite goes to #31, a medium-sized, flat site tucked in the corner of the campground, sheltered by several evergreens, with one particularly nice western hemlock providing a canopy over the picnic table and tent pad.  Thanks, Lavon, for assisting me in my survey.  Hopefully we can stay at site 31 some time.


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